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Mike Z.

Mike Zito
Director of Community Life/Missions

I am so excited for this year long challenge that Connections Community Church is about to embark on.  But first let me introduce my awesome family.
My wife Rachel and I have been married for eleven years and God has blessed us with two incredible children.  My daughter, Ariana is 9 and my son, Tyler is 8. When I think of the new year, I think of new year resolutions.  Now, if your like me, I go into the new year with high aspirations of all the changes that I'm going to make! For the first few weeks...the new year looks great...then reality of a busy life sets in and I quickly let one of my goals slide and well, all the rest fall down like dominoes. But this year is going to be I really mean it this time!  The difference this year is that I'm not doing it alone.  We as a staff have decided to not just talk about our physical, mental and spiritual goals but to actually work on them together and I want to invite you to join me also!  If you would like to see my goals for 2012 and follow along with me on my journey click the blog link below.