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Mike E.

Mike Elkins
Director of Students/Worship

I have a beautiful family!  My wife, Mickey, and two girls, Emma Jane (3 years) and Allie Jo (9 months).  I love spending as much time with them as I possibly can.  As we approach the new year I think about all the goals I have set, some accomplished and some...well...not accomplished.  Even as a small child I was told to set goals and go for them.  So, I am trying to take back that childlike zeal and attacking this year like a goal "butt-kicking" ninja!  I am really excited to tackle this new year of growth with friends.  The reason we have created this is so we can help each other (no better way to reach goals than for everyone to watch your progress or lack of progress).  It is a completely different experience trying to do things by yourself and trying to do them with a community.I really need to get back to a "healthier" me in 2012.  That includes getting back to a certain physical condition as well and mental and spiritual.  I will be unveiling my goals and growth strategies as the year comes to an end.  Lets tackle 2012!

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